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Okay, this is called "Dane is a competent adult". I really, really want to do RP stuff after work, because I feel slightly left out of the fact everyone else can be up half the night, pff. So: I may ask my sister to get some stuff from the store, and make the rest.

I think you're supposed to have 1200 calories a day or something? If it's food that has to be refrigerated or microwaved, it's a waste of time to make it, so don't bother.

Figure out the calories for each of these at home:

> boiled eggs
> beans + cheese burritos
> pistachio butter, peanut butter - potentially buckeyes? but pb always makes my throat weird and kills my appetite. but pb is really calorie dense.
> google foods that are calorie dense! either Bel, my sister or D said that the problem with the food that doesn't make me sick is that it's very low calorie - but, like, if I make lemon bread and start packing that every day, that presumably has high calories?


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