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On more cheery notes:

> I fucking love cute gift bags. Not so much receiving them, necessarily, bc I always feel slightly guilty for destroying them? But they're deeply satisfying to make. Especially when the stuff inside is cute and twee.

> I like myself a lot. I complain a lot, but I'm genuinely very chill about life right now, and my sister keeps coddling my desperate desire to slit throats and roll heads to the top by pointing out that I make more money right now then a lot of people my age. My brain is still desperately like "BUT IT'S CHUMP CHANGE, YOU CAN DO BETTER", and that's a good thing to remember, but it's not eating me alive rn, haha.

> I feel like I'm staying in such a fog from actually eating, which is frustrating, but I'm managing, and I know being this tired is probably good. So.


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