Apr. 20th, 2017

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Feeling better this morning! But so tired. I woke up five times to try and disrupt this ridic insistence of having every dream relate back to my dead cat. I did not succeed. Stress is a motherfucker, apparently, and I did not get up early, because 1) went to bed late, and 2) fuck everything, I feel awful and I have to deal with my boss tomorrow, I deserved to sleep in. Zombie can WAIT.

... and then I spent my half 'n hour writing this post, so, whatever. Mild complaints are going under a cut for once, because I'm just genuinely staying aggro the past few days, and it is not the most charming portrayal of myself.

(I feel awful, but I'm not in pain! That's good. I'm just sleepy and grouchy. as one gets.)

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hera: chel holdin' apple (Default)
With that said, I know I've been in a shit mood this week, so plans to buoy it are getting out of the house for awhile, and.. probably sleeping in my car for most of it, pff. I crave solitude, but also, sleep and warmth and curling up on a rock.

.. god, no, maybe I'll bolster my energy and fix that deck, so I can set out a lawnchair and just sleep out there.


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