Apr. 23rd, 2017

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I don't usually talk about my dad, because.. he doesn't give me any reasons to? But I love him lots.

Specifically because he's great, but also stuff like when I get up after five hours of sleep, fussing because five hours of sleep and I can't get back to sleep and I have to get up at 9AM on Monday, instead of 5AM and my sleep schedule is fucked

his response was "okay, you haven't eaten, so you need to get some food. if you can't go back to sleep, you probably need to take an enzyme pill, because you said eating at night leaves you with stomach cramps in the morning, and the enzymes probably don't work while you're asleep. get something to eat, take an enzyme pill, then take some ibuprofen, and you'll be able to get back to sleep."

And okay, perfectly reasonable solution! One that didn't work in the end, because I'm physically incapable of going back to sleep once I get up, unless it's like.. 2AM. But! I APPRECIATED THE THOUGHT AND THE REASONING AND THE EFFORT. <3 <3


hera: chel holdin' apple (Default)

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