Aug. 8th, 2017

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I am mildly resentful of everything, and also of life in general, whenever I find myself actually thinking about my sexuality.

Which is probably a "you should talk about this", or alternatively "maybe go to a therapist and talk about it", but - it's not actually a therapist issue, and also, I already know what the answer will be, which is to stop being such a fucking closetcase about everything.

But also: bluuuuuuh. Time to shove this in a box and deal with it during the Annual Thanksgiving Gay Panic instead. This is, like, four months early and I fucking hate it.
hera: chel holdin' apple (Default)
On the plus side, I think I puzzled out what the fuck is giving me this mysterious allergic reaction of itching and now welts? I forgot to wash these shorts I bought before I actually wore them, and.. I can't do that, I'm allergic to basically every washing powder ever. |D So I've swapped them out and banished all the sets to the washer, and hopefully, hopefully I can return to a life where I do not want to scour off my limbs with sandpaper and/or calomine lotion.

(It's not that bad, but I hate welts.)


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