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Abuse discussion, so it's under a cut. For once. Holla?

My mother continues to remain baffling

She hit the wall because I moved the cats food, and when I said that the cat was eating it just fine, it resulted in a froth about how she was being called A LIAR. So I was like "do whatever you want" and walked away, because if you're going to act like a child, you don't get fucking attention. Break your hand on your own time, and I'll drop you off at ER when I'm off work.

And - I haven't been scared by that sinceIwas sixteen,but it's such a baffling thing for her to even do at me?. She's smacked my sister when she was little, which ofc she denies now but we both remember, but it's like.. she literally can't hit me? My sister would literally fucking murder her. My sister has gone the fuck off over her raising her voice at me.

Also, my dad would murder her. I've never even mentioned her throwing shit on occasion at me, because: it'd cause an immediate Armageddon, and who has time for that?

So I'm not really sure why she does it, when all it gets is contempt from me, and the absolute refusal on my part to speak to her beyond cordial minimums, which has been going on for.. oh, like, a month now? And is driving her batty.

IDK. It has no benefit, it can have no benefit, she's just crazy. 



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