Mar. 9th, 2017

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My coworkers are getting really jovial and friendly with me, and it's weird. SO WEIRD. After B told me about her issues, I am just feeling increasingly leery of everyone at work lately, haha. Nothing like dealing with people who think it's okay to shout "HOPE YOU'RE READY TO GET DEPORTED, TOM" at their supposed friend and co-worker. Like: hahaha wow I'm glad I never talk at work.

Some dude who is technically on the same level as me keeps trying to play dudebro-palling-around games with me, though, and.. I don't really mind, on one hand? He's the one that objected when a supervisor slapped my desk and "joke-yelled" at me over saying fuck. BUT while he's personally been nice enough to me, I've also watched him sell people up the river, and he's BFFs with the dude that repeatedly tries to fuck me over / everyone keeps warning me about.

so: :1 :1 :1 I'm glad I do have work friends, but J's about to move to another location, S is about to retire, and M is really nice, goes out of his way to help me out whenever I need it, but has made it pretty clear that I have to cover my own ass. Office politics remain fucking exhausting, who'd have guessed? I ended up chatting for an hour about research methods and stuff that my friends are doing in graduate school, too, and it's a little disappointing.

I wish I had the money for graduate school! I wish that getting a masters paid off, but it won't: thinktanks are a dying art and I'm not sure I want to work for republicans, doing studies that go against my personal beliefs, haha. Data is nothing but material to be used to present the results you want, which I don't really mind, but.. see before on "personal beliefs".

Oh, well. I might start volunteering at the local sociology center, and seeing if I can't help out with the work, at least. Like an unpaid internship, but as a really nerdy hobby instead. There's no actual money in this, but not getting paid isn't necessarily a reason not to do something I find fun, and enjoy.


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