Mar. 13th, 2017

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Every time I'm like, "I need to be kinder to my mother," she reminds me why I don't give her leniency.

One day to function through "standing up all day, bouncing between the front of the office and the back b/c I have to do shit in MY OFFICE and B's, on the other side of the building, while juggling all of both of our duties, WITHOUT FOOD, because that'll make me sick, and while sitting down enough in between I don't get woozy enough to faint, because no one can get in the Cage if I hit my head" is sleeping nine hours. I get up at 9:30AM - 10:00AM, which gives me enough time to shove food down my throat, let the ibuprofen take affect, get dressed and be in the office before the nausea sets in.

My mom woke me up at 8:00AM crowing about how, since I was in the cage, no one was going to go to her kidney doctor appointment with her, so we could go fuck ourselves. Okay. I got up, confirmed her location and time, pointed out that my sister got off work early today specifically to do this, and also, could she keep her voice down, because I still had an hour to two hours to go before I should be up.

Laid down. Texted my sister the location and the new time, because my mother re-scheduled it for an hour earlier than she told any of us. Fell back asleep.

My mother pulled open my door, stood in the doorway for a few minutes, then announced : "- something WEIRD is going on outside!" and took herself to fucking bed.

Like, it's sheer luck I managed to get back to sleep once, I just laid in bed for the last thirty minutes before I gave the fuck up. This is so rude and unneccessary, I hate it so much, because.. this is not an appropriate way to interact with people, but especially not your family? I've been getting annoyed a lot over the past few days because of what I've been referring to as malsocial behaviour, but honest to god, she knows I wake up really fucking easily, and that I can't really do the "go back to sleep" thing. People talking outside of my door wakes me up. Opening up my bedroom door, when it's shut, when she knows I am trying to get back to sleep, is not any better than fucking pounding on it.

grump grump grump

(also, I just put a big chunk of change in my savings, and then promptly fucking wiped it out with medical bills. I'm so mad. I'm still gradually building back up my big savings account, but.. I'm so mad.)

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I've always been mildly incredulous towards people who claim that they just see someone and know, immediately, that they're going to be BFFs / marry this person / whatever.

Except I was teasing someone about that and realised.. I've done it twice the past four years? Just seen someone and immediately gone "NO, we're going to be friends, this is going to be great" and proceeded to make it happen, haha. More like instant, two-second, he said "hello!" and I said "BEST. FRIENDS. FOREVER." in the first case, more gradual in the second, but...

There is always something mildly charming in realising that I thought I was making fun of other people, but in reality, I'm apparently making fun of my fucking self, haha! Like, it's the fun kind of self-deprecation, okay. x)
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I have general tl;dr thoughts I want to pick at, but I don't know if I'll have the energy, haha.

But I'm in a pretty good mood today so far, despite being woozy in THE CAGE. And my mum having turned out to have lied specifically about the time all along, hence the gloating this morning. This is the weirdest fucking thing to deal with, but whatever, I'm not het up.


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