Mar. 17th, 2017

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 1. It is officially a brain fog when even blatant friendly overtures make me want to go take a nap instead.

2. Not really sure why people are so hard up on the idea of being nice to lonely old people. The solitude and depression of our elders is a known issue, and is deeply miserable for them to deal with - if someone wants to stop you in the store and talk, or else drag out the visit to chatter, then let them? It's twenty to thirty minutes out of your day for something that can vastly improve someone else's. If you can make someone happy with only a slight inconvenience to yourself, and with no loss on your end, then why wouldn't you? 

3. I appreciate my sister deeply. I appreciate the fact that she brought me the report to research, and researched it herself, but I am weirdly miserable about this overall? Even if it's actual cancer, it's nbd, they'll just cut it out. But basically every option that they're going to present is a needle through my side, or an overnight surgery at best.

Glad that this is potentially something, though, and something that can be resolved, but this is just emphasising how tired I am of being sick. Also, a few days of feeling fine and now my stomach (LIVER, I GUESS) is hurting like hell, and it kind of aches to stand up, even with ibuprofen.

Probs should've called off work. Oh, well.
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My sister was like "don't shove all of your money into the bank, keep $500 out and get something nice", and I informed her that's how you end up with no money at all.

But admittedly, this has just left me really, really wanting to blow twenty on take out, haha. Or a nice jacket, and THEN shove the rest in savings.


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