Mar. 18th, 2017

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In today's maternal antics:

> was informed that she should accompany me to the store, "so someone doesn't start shouting 'GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY' at you! :D'

> was informed that I should be careful going to Hobby Lobby, because it's conservative and someone might mistake me for a shop-lifter and shoot me

> on the way back, she pointed out there's a car broken down with a lady in it, in front of one of the hella nice houses in the neighborhood next to ours. For context: next to a four-way, probably like 3 acres, ton of trees, three story, two-garage house.

ME: She's fine, she's on her cellphone. And off the road.
MOM: Yeah, but she's white.
MOM: She's probably scared, since it's a mostly black neighborhood.
ME: If she's scared to be in a rich, black neighborhood, then she fucking deserves it.

.. then promptly went home and informed my father that SHE'D called the police to help the lady out, because I said she deserved to be stuck and left there.

Oh, yes, and despite the apology yesterday, and despite freaking my dad the hell out yesterday, she's immediately swung back into deciding that I'm over-blowing the entire medical thing. Because plenty of people have cysts on their liver, and it doesn't really MEAN anything, and honestly, why is anyone even concerned? It could be a parasite! A parasite is just treated by antibiotics!

Tired, tired, tiiiired. And my royal icing doesn't want to turn out. My god.
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Fifteen minutes ago: trying to aggressively convince people that I'm not tired, I can do things, it's chill!!

Two seconds ago: nearly fell over walking back from the kitchen. gdiii.

I am deeply touched by the fact people keep offering me chunks of their liver, though. It's joking, mostly, but I am 99% A is absolutely serious, which.. what a sweetheart? It's a pleasant overture in any instance. I didn't really realise other people were actually stressing over my health problems, which.. is a bit distressing, haha! I thought I was keeping everything really, really low-key, so that no one would stress, but I guess I wasn't.

.. I'm at the stage of being awake that I am getting morose and weepy, haha. But! Hopefully, this will get a diagnosis on Monday, and they'll tell me how to solve it, and I won't have to deal with being tired and sulky all the time in a few months time. That will be nice. \o/

I also got the gift bags 99% done for people, which I'm pleased by. I just need to ice them! And then figure out what I want to make for other folks. Not chocolate, because I love the results but oh god the time. the tiiiiime.


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