Mar. 20th, 2017

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Verdict from doctor's appointment:

> She's not going to say it's polycystic liver disease, because I'm under 30, but it very well could be, since my mother had an aneurysm and we've got a strong history of kidney problems. Apparently, I have cysts inside my liver, in addition to outside of them. A bunch of them. Isn't that great???

> HOWEVER, they're apparently not large enough to actually cause pain, despite being a dozen eraser-sized cysts on and inside my liver. If they get larger, she'll consider it a problem, since they did not show up on 2015's ultrasounds, but right now, they're apparently not big enough to actually be causing me pain. Despite her saying the pain is directly where my liver is. orz

So she gave me pills to try taking and see if they work. I hope they do, just from the placebo effect, because: ugh.
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Okay, so: plan for this week is to figure out an actual schedule, and then stick to it. It'll make me feel better, it'll make me feel more productive, and if I actually answer half of my texts instead of waffling,  that will ALSO make me feel better. Because going 'hey, constant fatigue lately, no energy for socialisation, my bad' is one thing, but ignoring people is still not ideal for the way I want to present myself.

Step one: g2fb.


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