Mar. 24th, 2017

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I am so fucking bored at work. KILL ME. I am exchanging socialisation for sweet potato fries later, though, so score?

I'm trying to work very hard at not destroying everyone's diets with baked goods lately, but I'm not succeeding. I don't know how to cook for people in a way that's.. not going to be outrageous calorie-wise? It seems like it should be easy, but everything is easy until I realise exactly how much sugar I'm putting in.

And then maple syrup has the same issue, and STEVIA and other replacements have the worst aftertaste. Oh, well, I have to learn. My metabolism is thoroughly fucked, but that doesn't mean I'm always going to be burning ahundred calories just by breathing. Better to figure it out now, while it can benefit others, then accidentally murder myself in my thirties.

.. what else, what else. My brain is still happily fluff, and it's really nice. I really fucking adore this feeling aah. 💜
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I have said that I appreciate the fact that my friends let me chatter so much, because it's genuinely very nice! Especially Becausr I never considered until very recently that you can, like, have to pay per text? SO WEIRD.

.. But yes! I appreciate that, but I also appreciate the fact that they're down with hearing gossip about folks they've never met,and letting me gush about people they've also never met, pfff. I mean, what else are friends for? But fluff fluff fluff, I'm just immensely pleased and in the mood to fucking sing praises, apparently.
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note 1)
Probably shouldn't eat at places that sell avocado sandwiches again. oh my god, the benandryl is wearing off and my entire face is an itchy MESS.

note 2)
benandryl will apparently hit me like a bag of bricks now, holy shit. It started off with me feeling like I was boneless and I'd taken oxycodeine on accident, and then it sent me to sleep, and now it's wearing off and I'm briefly awake. but I don't want to claw open my face. so I'm about to take some more and get the fuck to bed.

normally it doesn't affect me at all. possible effects of eating less?


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