Mar. 26th, 2017

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General thoughts and reflections, I guess!

My basic life structure goals right now are:

> pay student loans down to 5-6k, which will then be used to boost my credit
> solve this fucking medical problem
> get an apartment afterwards

Living at home helps with those goals, and it helps with the fact my parents fucking suck at budgetting, or paying their bills, or.. not being in debt. I've given up on my initial froshie dream of getting a high enough paying job to remove their debt: even if I did, they'd just promptly dig their way back into it. They're not great with money. Okay.

Living at home, contributing money, and cutting an excuse for them to waste cash buying a new car all is a way of helping with that. And it benefits me in that I have people to remind me that I need to eat even when I'm curled up in the fetal position for the weekend. (Not this weekend! I've actually been feeling okay, thank fucking heavens.)

... but a lot of my friends have taken the alternate route of getting an apartment, then paying down their student loans between bills. And they're both viable routes! I will have my debts paid off before they have theirs paid off, but the price is that they have complete independence from their family, and I don't, which is a touch frustrating. There's nothing particularly shameful about living with your parents, if you're contributing to the household, but I will not be living with my parents by the time I'm 26, because the thought fucking chafes.

IDK, IDK. This is just me wishing I could have it both ways, haha! I want independence, but I want to stick to my plan to be in a position of relative financial stability and have the option of taking risks without incurring major loss at 26. :[


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