Mar. 30th, 2017

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I am tempted to ask my sister to unfollow my tumblr, because I don't actually appreciate her saying things like my issues with my mother are power struggles, when I don't engage with my mother and I shut down every conversation that doesn't fit into very set perimeters.

Like, I understand the thing she is intending to say here, in the light where I assume the best of her - that my mother is trying to turn everything into a power struggle by bringing it constantly to my door, and engaging at all is playing along with it.

But I don't appreciate it being brought up in front of tumblr folks, who I keep mostly segregated from the cesspool that is my family life, haha.

(I am also mildly suspicious this is the product of her forcibly trying to blur my boundaries, because we had a conversation that addressed briefly that I don't let my various social groups interact, and I don't generally introduce people I like romantically to people I am friends with, because that's different spheres. And she thinks that's me being unhealthy and cagey. But that's not her choice to MAKE.)
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1) Sleeping more makes me much more energetic, and causes less pain, but makes me intensely more tired. ThANKS, BODY.

2) Every time that someone mentions someone is too skinny, because they could count ribs, I get.. mildly concerned? All the dudes I've seen have been bony, I'm bony, I did not realise that not being able to, like, see individual ribs was that weird? This sounds alarming when I put it like that.

3) It is easy and low effort for me to be social, when I care enough to do it. What takes energy is the random spats of "am I being too mean / did I misunderstand?" The solution is clearly to get drunk as a skunk to alleviate any possible anxiety. Hey, if it works for my friends...!
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And we are apparently back to fainting, haha. Jesus christ.

Three day weekend!! Three day weekend!!! so whatever.

ETA: and tears. I've been in such a good mood, this is unfair. adorable YA gay novels have cheered me somewhat, though, so: yay for those? hahaha.


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