Apr. 4th, 2017

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Apparently I am transparent as glass. I am appalled, haha, but also.. whatever, it's sort of amusing to just carefully never address something, and then get called the fuck out. Embarrassing? YES. But it's also amusing and satisfying that people know me that well.

I'm burying myself in books again lately, and I'm enjoying it! It's so fucking nice to chill out with a book again, and, like.. the only people who I'm actually worried about getting aggravated at me for not doing fantroll stuff are all being very low-key on it, so it's not like I'm holding anyone up by not replying. I think I'm going to just do a unspoken hiatus for a month or two and write my own shit, anyway, because right now, my interests are more firmly books and Overwatch.

.. mostly because I want to hit Platinum again, haha. Once I can and my competitive streak is satisfied, my interest is going to fuck off, because I know myself. x) but!

(I am.. not entirely sure if I was in Platinum, or just silver? The rankings are nebulous, and god only the number ranks are not working out. 1300 = 1800 = I told someone my health was "R" instead of "400" because 4.. looks like an R... and I'm fucking insane. DYSLEXIA. But whatever, I want to reach my season high again, and then I'll be satisfied.)

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I.. think I am going to start an OOTD blog! It'll be nice incentive to dress up more, and it'll be nice to showcase my favorite outfits.

Also, maybe I'll actually learn to take selfies that don't make me get immediately het up, haha. I like my face and I like my build to an absurd extent, and videos don't set it off, but pictures invoke actual uncanny valley. Which I should fix, I've taken maybe twenty pictures total since high school, haha.

But okay! Weekend goal: sort clothing, get rid of ugly stuff, go shopping!! My boss said I can wear what I want, so I might as well start.


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