Apr. 5th, 2017

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I am officially doing the OOTD thing! People seem to think it'll be a good hobby, haha. Not, like, a super useful one, except in making me less fussy about my presentation, but I need to break out of the mind-set of "useful, saleable hobbies" vs. "useless waste of time hobbies" anyway.

Current blog name is fashionegrets! Once I get up a month of photos, I might go ahead and post the link on my main blog? But I am a little ridic skittish about old HS friends looking it over. It really doesn't matter if they make fun of my shit in private, because I legit will never see or catch wind of it, but.. it makes me vaguely antsy, anyway, haha! It's weird how you can not talk to people in nearly a goddamn decade, not give a damn about their opinions or lives, and still be uneasy at the thought that they might malign you.

.. but that's silly! If they're still engaging in the same game of ripping up people's appearances that we played in high school, and they're all nearly thirty, that reflects on them, not me. So whatever, brain, soothe yourself.

.. also slightly skittish about the fact people think I'm fashionable for some reason, instead of just knowing how to match clothing and wearing things that are form-fitting. I HAVE MISLED THEM. SOMEHOW. haha.

I sorted out most of my clothes and it's a weird realisation that, like.. I have a sleeveless turtleneck that I never really wore, because it's bright blue and gorgeous, but also thin as goddamn tissue, and a little small on me - which is a dreadful combination, obvs.

But now it fits! Now it's actually loose in places, and that's.. a bit unsettling, but eyyy, I can wear it, if I actually go buy a bra! Or.. something, I'm not really clear on how you're supposed to wear a shirt this thin and not have every single line of clothing underneath it show.


hera: chel holdin' apple (Default)

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