Apr. 6th, 2017

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There is always the thin line between being affectionate, buoying someone's confidence and being Too Much. Apparently, in the middle of the night, I veered over to too much, haha. Thank god people find me endearing.

I am so fucking exhausted. These pills have been leaving me feeling really, really weird - like, I can eat without active pain, but it still leads to feeling really, really weird, which is apparently low level pain. (Low level pain, because my sister was like "how are you feeling?" and I blurted out "in a LOT OF PAIN, but not rea-- oh, I don't know why I said that, it doesn't really hurt that much? or at all? wtf self", haha. I can walk and move! That doesn't feel like pain!)

So, we decided to see if these pills would alleviate the pain I get from eating protein.

Eleven goddamn hours later, it is safe to say that they do not, and also, my body fucking hates me for playing games. Whatever, thank goodness for ibuprofen, there has been worse and there will be again, so I just need to slog through it. And right now, slog through it sufficiently that I actually feel capable of limping to the bathroom to get ready for work, and make sure my mother's awake.

Getting ready for the day is a drag. >:[

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I'm used to associating "gross random shocks of pain" with childhood, but I bent down to get something out of my bag and literally could not go past a 1/3 angle, courtesy of what felt like something stabbing directly into an organ.  Great. Lovely. Am gonna steadfastly avoid bending today, because ön Monday, it was "no vertigo, but you WILL fall straight over", and now it's apparently KNIFE TO THE PANCREAS.

I love PILLS, and these mysterious goddamn symptoms that make absolutely no sense. My mum said that the spot I was clutching (because when it's the godawful breathing problems, putting pressure eases it up enough to breathe) : was either lungs or pancreas, so? I guess that could make a little bit of sense, IDK.

Whatever. Thank god for painkillers.


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