Apr. 13th, 2017

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People being cruel to others, even in privacy, just because they're jealous, is not an endearing character trait. Like, if you want kids and marriage, that's fine - get it together and hook up with someone who actually wants those things, don't be mean to someone for being stressed about how hard it is to be a SAHM. It's an actual full time job. Don't be mean.

I noted she was being a dick, but man, it's a bit disgruntling when you know people are agreeing to shut you up, rather than because they acknowledge that they are behaving badly, haha.

In other news.. trying to pull in people that I like and enjoy into another roleplaying group that I like and enjoy is sort of weird? I've largely given up on my excited dreams of getting back that DW vibe of twenty or so people that all have characters that are loosely connected, haha, but now my concern is mostly "okay, but will these people clash? Will these people be able to pull back and nudge the mods? Am I going to feel like dealing with more passive-aggressive comments?" I'm sort of eyeing people that I know are more outgoing, and more chatty - M was invited because she's lovely, but also an extrovert and hugely welcoming. I thooought E was a little more outgoing than they've proven. R will probs cheerfully spam up the chat, from what I've seen of her, and that should lure like, C and the P's more out of their shell, which would be good! but hM HMMM. :1

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It is mildly surreal to realise that half the people I speak to online would probs make me flinch irl? I don't do well with loud people! It took me like, an entire year to stop startling every time someone made a loud, unexpected noise in the office!

.. this makes me sounds like a shrinking violet or an abuse victim, neither of which is true. Loud noises just set off my 'FLIGHT' instincts, haha. And Perle touching me unexpectedly. @n@

(brought on partially by a reference to throwing things at a wall to demonstrate frustration) (like wwwwwhy)


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