Apr. 15th, 2017

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"Hey, I can't really bend today, because I'm too dizzy."

So she gets the 24pack soda that she's not supposed to be drinking, and cannot lift herself. Okay.

"Hey, don't sprint through the store, I'm tired."
So she takes the shopping cart that I've been leaning on, because I left my cane in my sisters car, and takes off across the parking lot. In 82F weather. When I always get slightly sluggish in SUPER BRIGHT SUMMER LIGHT if I'm not wearing my sunglasses.

She will be deeply regretful when she pulls this shit and I actually faint, I guess.
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With that said, I'll wrap up complaining about her for the rest of the month, haha. It's not especially beneficial to anyone, but my goodness, I am just very tired.

The answer is probably to go sleep, but I'm doing stuff on Sunday and I want to play OW while I'm free. WOE.
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And to be FAIR, here:

Was that a miserable shopping trip? Yes.

Do I look really hot in a bandeau + unbuttoned button-up? YES, A+, officially okay with the high temperatures now that I've considered this fucking properly.

I may not have a six pack, but eyyyy, not bad.


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