Apr. 17th, 2017

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One more comment about eating more and I'm going to eat SOMEONE, how's that.
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My sister, iswtg.

ME: okay, we aren't going to fly in the next three weeks, SO -
HER: - okay, but what if you can still get a VERY CHEAP FLIGHT?

I mean, I guess I could do this like, in the next two weekends, and consider it a part of my exposure! Get past my reflexive dismay at any kind of plan that I don't have an entire week to consider at my own leisure before we even discuss it seriously, and all that. But BLUH BLUH BLUH.
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My urge to randomly just.. not reply to texts, don't answer calls, don't check FB or tumblr or any of my messageboards is still actively a thing I get pretty frequently. Sonetimes because I'm getting overwhelmed, or someone pisses me off, so my first reaction is to isolate until I've got my presentation under control.

Also, just the occasional urge to do it and see if anyone will notice.

But I think it says a lot that my tendency to randomly shun people has dropped a lot over time, and has basically evaporated from my online interactions. I still get the urge to do the last, especially, but at this point, it's like - okay, I know people will notice, stop being a dingus and behave.

IDK. Maybe this is MATURITY, haha. Maybe it's just actually feeling like my company is appreciated and desired in an online sphere, though, in which case: it's genuinely nice.


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