Apr. 19th, 2017

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Alright, it's been twelve full hours by this point and my stomach is still being petulant.


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My brain is just like "if your stomach still hurts from yesterday, and you're going to be on your feet from 11-7 on Friday, just FAST. EAT NOTHING UNTIL YOU FEEL BETTER. FOOD IS A PROBLEM, SO AVOID IT RUTHLESSLY."

and it's like nah, son, we both know that's a terrible goddamn idea.

(skipped breakfast, though, and will probs do egg and toast for dinner, bc ughhh. BODY, WORK WITH ME, PLEASE.)
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On the phone just now:

BOSS: You know you're covering Brooke on Friday and Monday?
ME: Yup! And make sure I'm out by 7, and just finish up Monday, right?
BOSS: Yeah.
BOSS: I said that.
BOSS: But.

Period end! Stay until I'm done, then maybe come in on Saturday. I actually have plans to go volunteering on Saturday, then get supper. Like, thanks for mentioning this last week? qnq

Also, took ibuprofen and it's NOT WORKING and I guess this is going to be the second day in a row that I go home, then immediately try to go to sleep. Goddamnit.
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Weird thought:

So, my rping has mostly always been defined by the fact people throw ideas up, and I'll write them. That's anon memes too, TBH: I have zero interest in writing canon focused fic for characters. I'll read it, but if I don't have a prompt, I don't get inspiration the way I do with my own characters.

But it's kind of made roleplaying slightly unpleasant as of late. I've got relationships IDGAF about, and some of them end up working out to benefit my characters - Pheres's gradual conviction that pitch romance involves battery has become pretty much a certainty, so he's going to hardcore nope out of any future pitch romances on that basis. Character development!

But others, I don't see any actual benefit to, they're just.. boring and unappealing. And I've shut down some of them, recently! But it seems like every time I shake out the rug, there's more underneath it that exist solely to make me dread writing certain characters.

.. but hey, at least I'm back on the writing boat, I guess!


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