Apr. 21st, 2017

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 My mood is sort of better? This crush has finally faded back into normal levels of "!!! FRIEND" instead of "~*~!!!!!!!!! FRIEND ~*~", so that's nice, haha. Countdown to the next surge of inexplicable affection towards someone, I guess.

(It's nice when feelings are known and reliable, though? Like, nothing ever has to be a big deal if you know it's going to pass, and probs come back. Less stress!)
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 All of my attempts to puzzle out my thoughts on dating to people ends in mild judging. This is to be expected, to a certain extent! I think I majorly overthink things that do not need much thought - and I know that my opinions are weird, haha. I sound like a total dick a lot of the time.

But it's mildly frustrating when the conversation dissolves into "haha wow you're going to die alone!" I know it is absolutely joking, but it's still mildly tedious. My standards are not that high, but

1) you do not need to have a relationship to make out or have sex with people
2) you do not have to have a romantic relationship to have a high emotional bond with someone
3) if I am investing the time, energy and attention towards cultivating both with one person, with the additional issue of merging finances, then why would is it wrong to have standards?

 IDK, IDK. I'm not unreasonable, I don't think, haha. I probs should just switch up who I'm talking to this about.
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Note to self: you could probs stand to be a little less self-reflected sometimes, haha.

which is to say: ask how other people are feeling a little bit more! Being tired is not the best excuse for someone having to repeat themselves like three times, friend.


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