Apr. 22nd, 2017

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Also, just general good cheer stuff:

> new bag came in! it's pretty small, no padding, but will fit my water, pills AND tablet, with room to spare. and it sits neatly in the small of my back, so no more awkward hip-chafing. also, it's cute. I am pleased, haha, I'll probs take it to Chicago with me.

> I may or may not be mostly pleased because now I have the full satisfaction of getting to carefully pack my bag full of shit again. organising! <3 <3 <3

> got asked if I wear mascara, which I always love, because I'm a horrible vain creature.

> adorkable nerd at work remains adorkable. I am sure he is as dreadful as the rest of my co-workers, but anyone who brightens whenever we make eye contact and then studiously avoids making further eye contact is just an endless delight to me. He has not managed to say more than three sentences in a row to me, I think, despite studiously making sure to greet me whenever we are even arguably in the same area. It's fucking precious.

> new pill prescription! I am incredibly hesitant to be stuck in any situation where I am theoretically dependent on medication to do anything, but goddamn if it isn't nice to be able to eat. sort of.

> am almost definitely not volunteering tomorrow, because I fell off the stepladder and I am a bundle of aches and pains as a result. but people aren't mad! and my sister actively was like "dON'T DO IT, SLEEEEP", so I'm pleased, haha. sleeeeeep. quq

hera: chel holdin' apple (Default)
My sister going "I'll be back in at midnight!" should not automatically set me on edge, and yet, here we aaare.


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