Apr. 28th, 2017

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I feel like I need to staple a HOW TO FLIRT WITH GIRLS guide on some of my friends heads.

Step one: mention an ex girlfriend, or a date you just went out on. Just make one the fuck up. If she's interested in women, she'll comment on as much in probs the next two conversations, because that's how people work - they WANT to talk about themselves, they WANT to bond over similarities, and excluding information in a situation where you are socially expected to reciprocate relevant deets feels shady enough to most people that they won't do it.

Alternatively, just ASK, oh my goodness. Rejection sucks! But "hey, no pressure, but I was wondering if you want to go out on a date?" is easy, quick, simple, and will get you an immediate answer. And if you don't let a silence hang if she's straight, just go "haha, okay,  thought I'd ask! How was your day, anyway? How is work?", the awkwardness won't settle and make things weird.

It's not hard. People are not hard. Oooh my god, guys. |D
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Fascinating thing: I'm actually starting to see what type of lighting, background and composition works best for me on selfies, when it comes to ones that I take. That's pretty fucking cool.

Also, I'm in a much better mood today, and much less frantic for having given up on ever finding this paperwork, haha oh god. I'll deal with it the same way that I deal with everything: file an extension, bluff, and find out a way to make sure that I never do this again.

Which sounds like I'm still stressing, but I'm not, really. I've got a solution, people are wonderful, it's Friday, I can do this.


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