Apr. 29th, 2017

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.. brains are so weird.

Or else maybe I'm just emotional today? I looked at someone's girlfriend's social media account, because she hasn't mentioned her for awhile and I was like "OH NO DID THEY BREAK UP", and they haven't!

But her girlfriend is just a really nice person and I legitimately just got slightly teary-eyed, because AAA I'M GLAD SHE'S DATING SOMEONE THAT IS SO NICE, AND ENJOYS HER, AND ENJOYS HER GENERAL EXISTENCE? IDK. It's just really nice! She's very nice! So many people I know are dating jackasses, and it's like: I'm so glad whenever people have normal, healthy relationships, aaa.

I am probably just being emotional, because I am relieved that a minor complication has been smoothed out in one friendship, I am just feeling incredibly endeared towards another, and like.. idk, I'm just being exceptionally fluffy at everyone and everything.

This is probably also because I got five hours of sleep. Also, have not eaten anything except for candy, because I have to go grocery shopping and pick up my dad's food, so there's no point in ordering something in when I'm gonna go out and can just buy things to cook, but I haven't yet, because wweh I'm tired. quq

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hahaaa, it is so hard to train myself out of feeling guilty about things I can't control, like my mother's temper and her explosions, because my first response is: well, shit, did I cause this?

but it's been almost.. six months since the last time she did this? so I guess we were due.


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