May. 2nd, 2017

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I dreamed that someone joke took a top piece of my bagel off of my plate as punishment for cutting in line, and then woke up with my heart racing. And mildly hyperventilating?


ETA: Took a sip of water, promptly had to run to throw up the sip of water. And my cat disappeared as a result.

Thanks, Fox, you fickle bastard.
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Okay, this is called "Dane is a competent adult". I really, really want to do RP stuff after work, because I feel slightly left out of the fact everyone else can be up half the night, pff. So: I may ask my sister to get some stuff from the store, and make the rest.

I think you're supposed to have 1200 calories a day or something? If it's food that has to be refrigerated or microwaved, it's a waste of time to make it, so don't bother.

Figure out the calories for each of these at home:

> boiled eggs
> beans + cheese burritos
> pistachio butter, peanut butter - potentially buckeyes? but pb always makes my throat weird and kills my appetite. but pb is really calorie dense.
> google foods that are calorie dense! either Bel, my sister or D said that the problem with the food that doesn't make me sick is that it's very low calorie - but, like, if I make lemon bread and start packing that every day, that presumably has high calories?
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0) New glasses! They look 10x better with my hair down and make me look like a total hipster with it up, but I think I kind of like the aesthetic? They'd be about 20x cuter if I had the glasses chains attached, but my hair would eat it. ALAS.

And in other fashion news: I really, really am tempted to pierce my ears still, just because I am 99% sure that large, dangling earrings are the way to make having my hair up look more tolerable to me? IDK. High bun + dangling earrings + scarf around your hair + glasses = .. total rockabilly bullshit. goddamnit.

1) My sister is getting low-key frazzled and is now saying that she does not want me to go to the store by myself again. Rationally, this seems wise? Irrationally, I just want to try out every over-the-counter anti-vertigo medication and see if that fixes the problem.

2) Current food list thoughts:
> broccoli + cabbage + snap peas in orange sauce
> breaded chicken + honey mustard, I guess?
> lemon pound cake slices

I guess this could very easily justify swinging back into making bento boxes, haha. And.. I forgot part of the reason I get weird about food diaries is that I always eat a lot less than I think? unfortunate! I am going to have to retrain myself into eating on a normal schedule, with normal meals, and I'm not sure I am feeling very enthusiastic about the prospect.

Had a conversation that went towards things that make you happy! It's the semi-annual conversation that I try to have with K, because it is mutually beneficial to have reminders, but it's fun to be able to talk about all the low-key little stuff that's like, not.. it's not interesting enough to bring up in day-to-day conversations, but little stuff like "I bought all the supplies for my favourite meal and now I can make it for the week," "I organised my office", "I talked to this person today and they're lovely", "someone told me that they loved my make-up", ect.

It's just nice to be able to tally up all the tiny pleasant things that make life tolerable, and catalogue them with someone, so you're not the only person who knows? IDK, IDK, I phrase things in over-the-top language, but I am pretty sure I just like talking, haha. case in point.

4) My kneejerk reaction to anything new or different is to start analysing my own behaviours and tendencies to see if this is a standard that I should conform to. This is a fascinating thingn to realise about myself - I don't particularly view myself as a follower, but, uh, I guess I am? x) IDK. I guess it's good in the sense that it keeps me open-minded, though.

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Weird thoughts: prettymagpie was my handle for years and years. I think from.. 2002 or 2003 until 2010? I mean, I had other bird names, too, but that was my main one.

But now other people are using it! You google it, and you no longer get my results, you get, like.. shops and shit.

It is genuinely fucking amazing, but also, a little bit of a mindfuck, haha. Like moving out of an apartment and visiting a year later to realise.. oh, of course everything's different, of course the couch isn't there, it's not your apartment, anymore.


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