May. 3rd, 2017

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I put my settings so that my sister could see my food diary.

ME: I got 249 calories! Is that okay for breakfast?
HER: That's okay for A SNACK. Literally. A snack is between 100 - 300 calories.

AT LEAST I'M TRYING. I'll get the hang of this! Eventually. Even though I forgot my lunch on the counter. Maybe I'll just. Tape it to my bag tomorrow. quq
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So, I get off work to my mother slurring.

Because she was sawing wood today, a task she does not know how to do and everyone told her not to fucking do, and she hit herself in the head.

She says no, she's just exhausted, this is what happens when she's exhausted. Like I have not lived with her for twenty four goddamn years, and spent twenty of them paying attention to every fucking signal that she's feeling unwell. Like, she starts slurring when she's at the point of fainting, and that's about it.

And if she's working herself to exhaustion, like - that is something she's also not supposed to do! As not to have a stroke, like every single one of her twelve siblings have, for the second time around.

My dad also got laid off, so haha greaaaat. At least there's less chance of coming home to a fucking body. 


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