May. 10th, 2017

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 Haha, god, I am.. very tired, all the time lately? And I am starting to be permanently sore, it seems like, and I'm not really sure why: this is two weeks of feeling like I just hxc did something, when I haven't moved much at all. Because too tired.

But I actually am in a really good mood, and have been. There's been the usually sulky spells, but I'm staying warm and contented, which is nice. And I'm really, really fond of my friends. I'm working on gifts for two of my internet peeps, and it's like.. even though C has been fraying my nerves lately, I'm just still very fond of her? IDK, it's nice, I hope she enjoys what I'm making. 💙
hera: chel holdin' apple (Default)
I managed to scare my coworker, my sister was convinced I might be feverish, I look incredibly fucking incompetent at life, and.. I'm not terribly sullen, remarkably?

I'm mostly just frustrated. Partially at the fact that I have food that is arguably delicious, but every bite of it is making me fucking gag. :[


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