May. 13th, 2017

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Mild jealousy over RP stuff is not an self-endearing characteristic, and not one that I'd have ever attributed to myself, so it's weird? IDK. I'm waving it off as an IC thing and rolling merrily in the ships I do have, because liking a certain character does not mean I am somehow owed a ship in any form or variety.

I just really like the two's dynamic! And it's healthy AND cute, and.. also totally not gonna happen, pfff, so oh well. I don't even like het, for the most part, and the other mun is distinctly disinclined, so I am a little surprised at myself? but aright, whatever, feelings are feelings, move on and focus on the ships with this character that I do have, and do enjoy. x)

Other news: I'm a little.. grumpy over emotional labor differentials, lately? IRL people have been sweethearts. This time last year, I was wailing incessantly about feeling like I was doing more work than I was receiving and it was unfair, but like.. it's evened out?

Online has been making me a bit :[. I have a friend who is great about p much everything. MODEL CITIZEN. They can gab off my ear whenever. But there's others who're like.. I can mention that i'm having an issue, and get sad faces, or "oh no, don't do that / that's awful!". But when they give multi-paragraph blurbs about their life, I give sympathy, feedback, ect ect.. and when they don't receive that, they start apologising.

It's frustrating, that's all, haha. I don't like the feeling of being someone's agony aunt, or their therapist, or anything else.


hera: chel holdin' apple (Default)

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