Jun. 9th, 2017

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So, first time my symptoms got actually fucking unbearable for awhile, I just.. slept. Like, I was spending six hours awake a day, at that, until things got less excessively miserable, because I adjusted and figured out how to cope in limited bursts.

I can't do that now, which I think is.. not helping? IDK. I am okay mentally, as a whole: I am just staying in this high key state of physical discomfort and brain fog that it's making me just high key perpetually miserable emotionally, haha.

hera: chel holdin' apple (Default)
On one hand, I appreciate that this dude wants to go through the effort of trying to check in on me. Like, aw, bb, you're a sweetheart and I only wish the best of things for you in life. But: n. Nnnnnnnnn.

On the other hand: 400 fucking calories today and I can't keep any food down, so I'm like. 1200 calories shorter than I'm supposed to be! So I guess his concern is fucking warranted.

Hggnn. orz


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