Jun. 12th, 2017

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I love the bizarre anomalies of weight. Which is that I've abruptly gained six pounds, and am now at 117lbs, aka the highest I've been in a couple of months. Despite basically not eating all week.

My sister's like WATER WEIGHT, but I'm getting slightly anxious that I'm going to walk in to this consultation, and this doctor is gong to pull the usual bullshit after I drive literally across the state to see him, miss work, and fuck up my entire schedule. Because I'm back at borderline underweight, according to the scale, not actually underweight, despite the fact nothing I own fucking fits anymore.

But that's worries for Wednesday, I guess

I'm always pleasantly surprised when people actually show signs that they are thinking of me, I guess? I'm still warmly chuffed over T bringing me fudge, haha, and apparently mutua acquaintances have been asking how I've been feeling / how things are going, and that's really nice. I guess it's weird that I find this endearing - it's really basic normal stuff. It's just being nice or being concerned because there's no reason not to be, but IDK, incidental kindness is my jam.

It's nice to know people are thinking of me, but it's also nice to remember that people are habitually kind, I suppose!


hera: chel holdin' apple (Default)

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