Jun. 15th, 2017

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Aggressive bouncing. The worst part about being in the cage is that it turns my job from "I can come in, do it, leave, it's fine" to "I am actively dreading this with every inch of my being and I wish I could skip", haha.

Oh well. Three more days, then I'll be back in my office for a bit, thank fuck.
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Also: slightly frustrated, but it feels unfair to be so, because...

People want to hang out while I'm in Cleveland on these doctor visits. That's fine, arguably, but I don't like hanging out with people for longer than thirty minutes to an hour. My energy for physical interaction isn't like, hella limited, but it is when I spend forty+ hours a week playing nice and having to socialise for work. I don't want to spend my down-time in interactions I can't just, like, turn off the fucking screen and ignore for a few hours when I get tired of them.

But everyone wants to hang out, and my attempts to go "hey, guys, I'm tired, I'm really not up for long visits --" just results in them.. trying to cut it down to, like, 90M - 2HR lunches instead of three. Like, they're obviously trying, but when I want it to be thirty minutes and then they're gone, it's just grating as hell.

I am also trying! I did my 90M lunch, I smiled and chatted and talked, it's not a big deal. I just wish I didn't have to. It's.. I like seeing people, and catching up, but I just rapidly hit the point where it transitions from "pleasant" to "work", and I know people find it hurtful that it switches like that for me so quickly, whereas they're still having fun and finding it 110% pleasant bonding for hours after I am completely done.


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