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 I am so tired lately. My fault! But I'm never really paying full attention to anything anymore and that's starting to show, unfortunately. Which.. 

I don't know how people don't see their own mistakes, assess them, and automatically figure out ways not to do them again. I've been being slightly inconsiderate with regards to not thinking about how my complaints may be taken by the people I'm complaining to - this has been an issue lately online, but it's also popped up irl. The assumption on my end that my faves will automatically assume they're exempt is a silly one! Which, now that I've acknowledged, I can work on being more conscientious of, you know?


I'm tired as fuck today, with a lot of errands to run, and.. I guess the nice thing about being tired is that my filter runs low? I'm tired and in pain, and that means I'm just high key, excessively fluffy at everyone right now. If I were at home, I'd bake something to show that, lol.

As is, I'm just going to make my office into a lava pit with this heater, take some ibuprofen and chill. x) I am lucky both of my usual early morning converstional partners are offline, tho, pffff.

(Speaking of fluff, though: the renewed attempts for HS folks to initiate contact with me has just left me deeply grateful for Cloud/Bel/Cass, who are my main, 'every single day' chatting pals? Like, flat out, they're just all deeply charming people, not only compared to prior groups of online pals, but also just, like, in GENERAL. 💜)


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