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I am incredibly, destructively tired and resentful of so many people right now, and it's not really fair? But every time I even think about politics, it's fucking exhausting. And it's so frustrating to have so many friends who voted for Stein or just didn't vote, because they thought Clinton was awful, and, like -

- they're white! They don't have to worry about people threatening to fucking murder them based on ethnicity. You get this shit shouted at you out of cars, you get people bringing up this in arguments, you get constant gentle reminders that oh, aren't you SO GLAD that this doesn't happen anymore and you're ALLOWED to be so outspoken, bless your heart, xoxo.

And it's just terrifying and distressing and I wish I could stop being so fucking freaked out about this constantly. I can't even turn off the news and try to ignore it, because there's confederate flags everywhere, and now apparently GIANT NAZI SHIT on cars, and my sister got pulled over and I'm just.

Everything is stressing me out, and I'm over reacting to everything, and I wish I could stop crying over stupid shit. I know it's my brain trying to relieve stress in any way that it can, but I'm just really tired and I don't know what to do.

Joking! The solution is to sleep. So I'm going to do that.


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