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 I'm just stress prattling in here today. I'm not like, having an emotional breakdown or anything, I'm just.. not doing great, and I need to dump this shit somewhere so that it's said, it's out, it's gone and it's not festering, because I've forced myself to think it through.

So: I am not as stressed as I could be. My OCD is not flaring up in any of the typical ways. Too destress, I probably can just lean into organising things - my constant prattling at poor Cloudy over shoving all of the logs into a private tumblr, so I can make a tagging system and people can find plots/characters easier, in hindsight, was probs because I am stressed and that's an easy, manageable goal for me to pursue that feels both social and helpful.

What will also help is making a list of all the IRL things I need to do, and actually doing them. I'm tired and they're looming, and they're not going to stop looming until I do it, so being tired is frankly irrelevant and I need to get off my fucking ass.

... I'm so tempted to say eating more will help? But ugh. I brought popcorn to work and we can all see about how well that's helping to stabilise my mood.


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