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Sort of weirded out by the tendency to get attention from people on, like, the days that I look the absolute shittiest? as far as I'm concerned! I like my face, I like my build, don't get me wrong - bu~ut unstyled hair and t-shirts is not what I would consider attractive enough to warrant asking out.

So I'm not judging, but also, totally judging.

Also, the weirdest compliment I've gotten yet: "your teeth look SO NICE!" Like, girl, pls, my eyes are up here.

Summer is proving, as always, fucking insane. quick list of updates:

  • One of my brother's roomies is moving out, because his girlfriend is pregnant. It turns out my brother has been paying his rent every month, but his roomies have not, and.. they haven't been paying bills, any of them? So my mum's just been taking money out of the money that my dad/I/my sister give her, and using that to pay their bills, as well as cover for them not giving the rent. Which is why she has been freaking out about money and everyone's been going "??? but we gave you --"
  • My sister is taking over the bills spreadsheet, at least partially, but not sure how that's going to go, because she's got too much shit going on already, ugh.
  • My father got removed from one job, because they were over-staffed, and he was bringing attention to the fact they're not reaching OSHA compliancy. He got placed on another job by the same company last week. This week, they're moving him back to the original job, because someone got injured, one of the buildings now needs to be redone, and they specifically called him back. It's like: fuckers, are you serious? I am glad he's back on this original job, because it's nearby, it's not at night, and he works well in the type of environment it is - they're still awful, racist dicks, as is the perpetual issue with our union, but it's normal level, not distressing.
  • Sometimes I think I'd like to work with a union, because I do love the benefits and I love the idea of them. But then I look at the way unions actually treat the people working in them, and being a free agent feels SO MUCH BETTER.
  • Admin in the warehouse has retired, which means all of her work is getting transferred to J and I. My trainee is going on vacation in June, and has announced she's also taking that Monday off, which is her new way of operating - leave me with both of the Mondays, because Mondays are the day that you have Saturday paperwork + full routes on Monday + FSV, and you basically have no room to breathe at all. Understandable that she wants off. Mildly outraging to me, though.
  • I got gossip from my trainee, though! I thought the entire issue was that the megacorp was not allowing us to hire more drivers. It turns out the supervisors are not hiring enough drivers, because - as I have repeatedly heard them discussing - they feel like everyone applying for the positions are unqualified, and they don't want to hire them as a result. Which is actively making everyone else's jobs harder. jesus.
  • I am just having one extended flare-up this month, which my sister says is probably good, because - if I'm lucky, it'll still be going on in June, when I get my fun medical experimentation stint? And, like, yeah, let that be the case, please, so they can actually find something. But I was throwing up all day yesterday, and I'm just.. I sort of wish I was working part-time, and I wasn't juggling a server game, and that I wasn't involved in a round-robin, and that I didn't have art to finish and fics to finish and people to talk to and IRL chores, because... all I want to do is sleep. If I didn't have commitments, I am pretty sure this would be 2014 "12 hour sleep schedule" all over again. Frustrating in the sense that it makes me waste so much fucking time, but.. it kept me more functional, haha. Emotionally.


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