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Every time I'm like "okay, I'm juggling this just fine, one part of the tent is falling down but the rest is cool", I realise.. I'm just a little too foggy to have noticed all the parts that are actually falling in.

It's nothing at work, at least! And it's nothing serious. It's just, like.. it is one thing to repeatedly see proof in my social interactions that I am not firing on all cylinders right now, but it's another to see my lack of focus slipping into everything else? I always think I'm so good at compartmentalising.

I just feel exceptionally daft right now, haha. It's alright, though. Stiff upper lip, try to keep my calorie count up to at least above 1200, and do what I can, I guess! Being sick feels like a constant form of triage with everything I want to do, and everything I need to do, but that's just something you have to work with, like everything else.

And this all just means I need to set more reminders.


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