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Post discussing money, here's your warning, because LJ cuts aggravate me visually.


I'm going to have to hit up my sister to see what she thinks, but current thoughts are basically:
  • I get $860 every two weeks, give or take overtime.
  • This evens out to 2 1/2 paychecks per month.
  • I pay $250 towards loans every month, plus $300 towards my car
  • My loans are 24k right now, having checked everything, and I'll be dropping 1k onto a loan as soon as my rebate is in. I'm sticking another $800 of my rebate straight into savings.
  • SO: all I need per month in terms of liquid cash is one paycheck: $750 for my bills, $160 or so for gas and general finances.
  • This isn't covering my parents bills, but they never give me any advance warning unless I manually want to take over the accounts, so I can't plan for those.
  • BUT if I drop $860 straight on my loans every month, that'll make it 26 months to completely wipe out the loans.
  • Assuming I don't get a pay raise, or I don't nab a second job for the weekends, like I'm sorely tempted rn. I won't do commissions, because that's turning out to be something I really, really hate, and cashiering is straight out, but farmers market helper or something low-key for an extra hundred a week or something?
The only loans that I actually have to worry about, tho, are the Stafford high interest ones: ESCII's paid down to a wink, and the 3.5% one, I'm going to keep and nurse for my credit score. I don't want to be debt-free, I want low-debt that will boost my credit and make apartments go "ah, yes, responsible!" Which really means that, functionally speaking, I have $10028.26 in loans. $10028.26 divided by $860 is twelve months, at which my car will be paid off, ESCII will be paid off, AND my overall loans will be under 6k.

This is not counting in, like, how the normal payments will add in? I have no fucking idea how to calculate that, lol, but I paid 2k in interest alone on my student loans last year, so it might end up under 6k, if I just throw a complete paycheck at a loan.

This is with putting only 5% of each paycheck in my retirement, though, and relying on the idea that my dad is going to get back to work soon, because.. obviously, not going to be able to pour money into my stuff if the household needs it, haha. Best case scenario hypothesizing, I guess.


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