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Alright, bad mood was entirely just being cooped up in the house and sulking over Saturday morning, haha. but I'm in a much better mood now. Did not end up buying anything, but did split a pasta dish, eat a pierogi, eat six squares of pizza, split ice-cream and eat most of a giant-ass samosa, without having anything past mild discomfort.

Guess I'm not lactose-intolerant after all! My pancreas is just a worthless organ that I'm going to sell on the black market for chitlings. \o/ I'm so grateful, I want to buy this doctor a fucking bouquet, and see if she can refer me to like, anyone who can figure out the rest of it. because I like eating! I really, really fucking like eating. But I also like not fainting or having my nails turn blue and being able to regulate my own temperature. x)

But on the note of stuff that's been bugging me, quick tally of shit to knock it off my chest and solutions, so I'll stop brooding.

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ME: If I eat this entire pizza, it'll cover the calorie deficit from yesterday, and make me hit.. almost enough calories today!

I got three bites in and I'm dry-heaving. For fuck's sake. I'm not really sure why it's hard to actually eat food when I want to eat food and I need to eat food. I skipped the whole mess of ever developing an eating disorder, I don't know why my body is convinced that it's going to just force the issue, no matter what I fucking want.

grump grump grump. I'm not in a bad mood, I'm actually decently cheerful, I'm just tired and I want to eat without getting sick from pain, or promptly throwing up, because nothing wants to stay down. otl

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note 1)
Probably shouldn't eat at places that sell avocado sandwiches again. oh my god, the benandryl is wearing off and my entire face is an itchy MESS.

note 2)
benandryl will apparently hit me like a bag of bricks now, holy shit. It started off with me feeling like I was boneless and I'd taken oxycodeine on accident, and then it sent me to sleep, and now it's wearing off and I'm briefly awake. but I don't want to claw open my face. so I'm about to take some more and get the fuck to bed.

normally it doesn't affect me at all. possible effects of eating less?

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Verdict from doctor's appointment:

> She's not going to say it's polycystic liver disease, because I'm under 30, but it very well could be, since my mother had an aneurysm and we've got a strong history of kidney problems. Apparently, I have cysts inside my liver, in addition to outside of them. A bunch of them. Isn't that great???

> HOWEVER, they're apparently not large enough to actually cause pain, despite being a dozen eraser-sized cysts on and inside my liver. If they get larger, she'll consider it a problem, since they did not show up on 2015's ultrasounds, but right now, they're apparently not big enough to actually be causing me pain. Despite her saying the pain is directly where my liver is. orz

So she gave me pills to try taking and see if they work. I hope they do, just from the placebo effect, because: ugh.
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My dad thinks I have cancer, my mum has been telling everyone every single horrible variant that I could possibly have, and she informed me that she'd read an article about how my liver being fucked up could've been affecting my moods. Upon my sister going "dude, they don't have moods," she announced that she knew, because she was getting the brunt of them.

And then she apologised like thirty minutes later for calling me a hysterical hypochondriac repeatedly over the past five years. Like, apologies don't mean anything, this is five years of making me doubt every single medical problem to the point I almost ended up in the hospital over an allergic reaction, because: well, she thought I was being hysterical again, and god only knows I can't tell up from down.

I'm in a fine mood, I'm just.. not willing to deal with them right now. Also, I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. why. :(


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