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Not related to my funk in any way, but:

I am also just really tired of the sheer amount of sexual predators in the fantroll community. It is legitimately just.. almost aggravating enough to make me want to quit, sometimes, I'm so tired of this and people's explicit refusal to interact in an appropriate way with fucking children. You can yell and you can shame and you can do whatever the fuck you want, but people don't care IRL, and people don't care online.

I am always dancing on the edge of quitting hobbies, tbh, and I'm not going to quit fantrolling. I enjoy it a lot, and once I actually make myself start roleplaying again - which, killing some threads is going to be a vital part of that, because there's too many right now and I don't care about them, they've been going over 3 months now, and everything just feels like too much and too tedious - but ugh.

They pop up on my dash, and I get actually fucking aggravated. It's.. not endearing. I don't usually get annoyed over things, and it's not a positive feeling for me. But I just really, really need to update my blacklist, because I'm not going to be the person that's like "I subscribe to 'guilty until proven innocent', so I'm going to demand you do too! :D', haha.


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